Episode 16: SaaS Growth Whisperers With Toby From StartupMill

In this episode, I am hosting Toby Allen, Chief Product Officer & Founder StartupMill.

StartupMill build tiny moonshots in low to no code.

What Did We Discuss In This Episode?

  • Who is Toby Allen and his background?
  • What is StartupMill?
  • Biggest challenges he faces in his role and how he overcomes them
  • What does he think about the No-code Trend?
  • Which No-code tools he is using for growth marketing, and how he is using them?
  • Advice for the new entrants to SaaS Growth Marketing

Notes From This Episode:

No-code tools he mentioned:

  • Zapier is a global remote company that allows end users to integrate the web applications they use.
  • Webflow empowers designers to build professional, custom websites in a completely visual canvas with no code.
  • MailerLite: Create advanced email marketing campaigns with features like automation, landing pages and surveys
  • Bubble introduces a new way to build software. It’s a no-code tool that lets you build SaaS platforms, marketplaces and CRMs without code. 
  • Figma helps teams create, test, and ship better designs from start to finish.
  • Descript is a collaborative audio/video editor that works like a doc. It includes transcription, a screen recorder, publishing, full multitrack editing, and some mind-bendingly useful AI tools.

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