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My Story

Hello there I am John Ozuysal, Growth Manager of UserGuiding.

I started as an investment banker and then Co-founder in a 500 Startups company and now a full-time growth marketing freak. I Specialise in Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention, Referral, and User Onboarding.

To this day, I have worked with both SaaS companies and B2C mobile app companies to grow their businesses with SEO, Paid Ads, Content Marketing, User Onboarding and Activation


People I used to fly it! 🚀🚀

John had led the growth department. He generated and executed many different ideas, which helped us to find product marketing fit faster. While we were pivoting, he created a great turn around story for us that allowed us to position ourself in the market


Emre Kabakçı

Founder at

John has a super suitable personality for the Growth Mindset. He is very creative with his growth ideas. Even though I sometimes think that his ideas are very out of the box, he always finds a way to accelerate growth


Mert Aktas

Growth at Userguiding

We do B2C apps, and John has a keen understanding of human psychology. He knows exactly how he should tell a story to attract more customers to our apps. He helped us tremendously with user acquisition while burning only a small amount of money on paid ads


Ilker Cam

Co-founder at 7apps